The brief time I have spent online in these days of great silence have been fraught with every imaginable conspiracy theory about vaccines, 5G frequencies, population control and many others not worth naming or donating energy to.

To respond to this, on this day, I took some time with myself to look inside and reflect. As you have read, I am utilizing this time to consider leadership and how to be a part of a solution and not a person who contributes to the collective noise, distracting us from the most important time of our generation.

There is another way to approach whatever is “happening” right now, but this is not a time to point fingers and play the blame game. Hacking at a tall tree with a hatchet is going to leave permanent scars and you most likely will not fell the tree. You have left two wounded things, a beautiful life-giving tree and your wounded ego.

If the “world” and “they” are indeed advancing ways to enslave and control the entire human race, what would be the prudent thing to do? To me, this has been a time to strengthen the immune system, evolve, and help others do the same. One way of strengthening the immune system is to limit stress and lower stress response. Fear contributes to suppressed immunity.

Long ago, I read a wonderful book by Paul Chek in which he talks about the last four doctors you will ever need. His wisdom rings true today. While you are quietly resting in your home, social distancing or taking any other measure a responsible citizen takes, it might be nice to consider this wisdom.

Isn’t this an opportunity to get to know your four important doctors? Doctor Diet. Doctor Quiet. Doctor Movement and the Doctor Happiness. Paul lays out so nicely how to access these four doctors as a way to balance your body and to raise your personal awareness and responsibility to the machine that is your body. Honour this incredible miracle.

To understand how nature, of which we are of course a part, finds its natural order, just watch a video of what Chernobyl looks like today. You can see that there is a natural order of Life that returns. As Eckart Tolle has correctly stated, “Life has no opposite”.

Have you realized that you have the same “potential’ to transform and find your pathway that is life-nourishing? I believe that it may only be then that the collective “we” really gets together. Not to smash one another and step on each other to reach what is clearly an imaginary finish line.

See Chernobyl

What actually matters to me at the moment, is kindness. As we move to a time when this present experience is part of our past, we will need to nourish each other in many ways. The population’s mental health, if only from the stress of isolation, may also be a serious challenge to overcome.

Consider what will be happening when the time to reintegrate into society is before us. What will become of the phobias revealed and established during isolation? What will the relationship between people be when they return to public transportation, bars or public streets?

This mental stress could also increase collective stress and create more “distance” between people. It is precisely what we do not want in a world that has been expanding into a new era of conciousness.

The future psychological effects of this have to be considered.

And what of the spiritual? It doesn’t matter what Sunday or Sabbath or a Holy day is for you. It could be prayer in a church, a restorative yoga class or group meditation. Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, TCM or your favourite sports activity, band, play or concert. Will we still be dividing ourselves up in this way? Will this time divide or unite us globally? Already in Italy there are grumblings of Germany and France and lack of support within the E-Union.

The effects of a virus have amplified or cancelled almost everything. The grey space has already disappeared. We are entering a time of great consideration. Of great personal choice. Of enlightenment or disbelief and of reality and truth.Energy or Matrix. White or Black. Light or dark.

For me as I contemplate all of this, there seems to be only one answer that repeats itself to me like a drum.

The way is love.

It is time to understand love and to choose it over the many alternatives.