Once in a while we all need a boost.

For some it’s exercise, an espresso and others turn to tequila. In recent years for me the shot that wakes me into good feelings and deeper understanding is a shot of gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful energy resource.

It expresses a feeling in us. Something is switched on in us with gratitude, an appreciation for the world around us in a way that we had not experienced, expressed or even seen up to that present moment when gratitude lit up our senses.

I am certain we have all heard about or been asked to feel grateful in the wrong way. Perhaps hearing a parent or teacher yelling the words, “BE GRATEFUL” is maybe not the best pathway to actually having people experience the intended state of grace.

This might be the nice moment to share with you the meaning of the word grace. This is the Oxford Dictionary’s definition.

Grace — “a quality of behavior that is polite and pleasant and deserves respect”

This is how Oxford defines gratitude. — “the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks”

And this is the Oxford definition of grateful. — “feeling or showing thanks because somebody has done something kind for you or has done as you asked”

I was a bit disappointed with all of these to be frank. I found their definitions a tad stingy and a bit British… if you ask me.

Stingy — “not given or giving willingly; not generous, especially with money”

Grace and Gratitude is so much more because it is, when practiced in a whole body way, an experience of bliss and of giving and receiving on an energetic level.

Living in the western world and in the top 1% of wealth (whether we are the wealthiest or not) on this planet, we have a lot to be grateful for. Somehow gratitude has been lost, like many things, in amongst the business of daily life.

There is a gratitude exercise I developed years ago. It is a the gratitude shot I use to start most days. After this exercise, if you do not feel like the rest of your day is a gift, then please comment below. It is to be practiced as the first thing you do each morning. You will need to muster your awareness, but it is worth it.

Upon waking open your eyes, look to the ceiling in your bedroom, say thank you for the roof over your head. Then perhaps sense into the support from the mattress which so beautifully shapes itself to support you — say a little thank you. Oh, that feather duvet, blanket or clean cotton sheets that you sleep in; big thanks for that.

You might have to do your morning bathroom routine now. Getting out of bed and maybe putting on your slippers, you know, that extra set of shoes that you use only for going from the bed to the bathroom so your feet don’t get to cold on the tile floor — thank for that.

You empty your bladder and then press a single button to have that washed away — Aren’t you grateful for having that taken care of so easily? Do you ever think about the alternatives? A quiet thank you is all you need.

Next, you may find yourself at your bathroom sink turning on a tap with you choice of hot, cold or a mix of both that is the perfect temperature for you . Maybe you rinse your mouth out and have your first few sips of fresh, beautiful water to drink.

Thank you for that.

After this shot sequence which for most of us lasts just under two minutes, you can count yourself as one of the most fortunate people on our planet. I am not suggesting you do not deserve any of these wonderful gifts, however I am simply asking you to realize, and take just a moment to consider you are among the “lottery winners” on the planet who enjoy this luxury and comfort.

The rest of the day after these moments of course, is yours. Do with it what you will. I ask you to do this morning exercise just one time, maybe even try it for a week and let me know if there is a shift in your gratitude meter.

Let’s visit Oxford again and I will venture a guess that if you attempt this practice you may very well be experiencing this wanting feeling of gratitude.


“the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks”

Perhaps for another day on this earthly paradise and planet.

Love to all of you.